Our Curriculum

Viv’s Schoolhouse offers an award-winning curriculum which boasts of a bilingual immersion and experiential learning approach.

Bilingual Immersion

Our children immerse in a bilingual environment of English and Mandarin where they acquire language skills and cultural arts in both languages. There are two co-teachers – one English and one Mandarin – assigned to children of every age group. Not only do children get equal exposure to both languages throughout the day, they also get the chance to delve deeper into the intricacies of each language during designated English and Mandarin lessons. Through constant conversations and practice, even non-native speakers are able to grasp the respective languages with ease and confidence!

Experiential learning

In order to ensure that our children are able to anchor in every learning experience firmly, our curriculum has been designed to engage all of their five senses as much as possible. Lessons are filled with novelty, challenges, and creative-thinking, with activities specially curated to allow children to be fully involved in their everyday learning. Through hands-on approaches such as Speech and Drama lessons, cooking and more, our children are able to build strong foundations in the different learning domains, and engage critical thinking when it comes to tackling problems!

At Viv’s Schoolhouse, we take your child’s learning and growth very seriously.
Hence, we have incorporated a variety of activities to inspire the greatest potentials in every child.