Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama classes often involve the exploration of poetry, reading aloud, role playing and improvisation.

At Viv’s Schoolhouse, we offer innovative Speech and Drama classes for children in Singapore as part of our curriculum. It is a powerful way for children to learn the basics of effective communication and develop confidence from a young age. We encourage our children to be creative thinkers, critical thinkers and team players by providing them opportunities to express themselves.

As part of our Bilingual Immersion program, our Speech and Drama classes are conducted in English and Mandarin. With Singapore placing a significant emphasis on bilingualism, teaching our classes in two languages allows our pre-schoolers to build a strong foundation in both languages from a young age.

How do Speech and Drama classes help in children’s development?

Well, through a delightful array of activities that range from role-play to puppetry, kids can immerse themselves in an imaginative world with their friends. Role playing can help develop children’s empathy as they connect emotionally to their playing character. Empathy is crucial in allowing kids to connect and understand others deeply.

Speech and Drama classes for children provide a platform for them to present themselves confidently and allow them a voice to share different ideas openly. Preschool drama classes enable pre-schoolers to stand before an audience, typically their classmates, to perform confidently.  This can help develop their confidence, public speaking and social skills, which would undoubtedly come in handy in the future.

Our preschool drama classes often include improvisation as part of the syllabus; this teaches our children to think quick on their feet. Children will be challenged to use their imaginative skills and creativity when put on the spot. They will thus learn to be adaptable when faced with various situations or scenarios.

In summary, Speech and Drama classes can therefore help children develop:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Language and public speaking skills
  • Problem-solving and adaptability
  • Critical thinking
  • Stage and self confidence
  • Group dynamic and social skills which encourages them to be team-players
  • Imaginative skills and creativity
  • Musical skills
  • Emotional intelligence such as empathy, self-awareness and maturity

From the development of communication and language to social-emotional skills, the benefits of speech and drama classes for children are aplenty. Most importantly, through interactive drama classes in preschool, children are engaged and have a tremendous amount of fun learning!

Speech And Drama Classes For Children SIngapore

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What is speech and drama?

Speech and drama are the processes of developing a character or an idea through spoken words instead of scripted dialogue. This practice is often emphasised in speech and drama classes for children in Singapore.

What are speech and drama classes?

Our speech and drama classes for preschoolers in Singapore are designed to teach students how to express themselves clearly and effectively and enhance their social skills through the art of public speaking.

Speech and drama classes are structured to include activities such as reading aloud, role-play, public speaking, voice and diction exercises, creative writing, group discussions, and theatre exercises.

Why are speech and drama classes important for kids?

Enrolling in speech and drama classes for kids in Singapore is a great way for your child to develop their communication skills and self-confidence. In speech class, your child will learn to organise thoughts and ideas, develop public speaking skills, and hone pronunciation and diction. In drama class, your child will learn how to express emotions and create characters, work cooperatively with classmates, and hone their use of body language and imagination.

What is the best age to begin speech and drama classes?

Ideally, children should start these activities between the ages of 2 and 4. During these years, their brains are most receptive to new information, and thus, they are most open to learning. Additionally, this age group is naturally more curious and energetic, making them eager to try new things. Therefore, most speech and drama classes in Singapore are designed with young children in mind.

How do speech and drama classes boost creativity?

Our speech and drama classes in Singapore will offer your child a safe space to try new things, experiment with new ideas, and explore their creativity. In these classes, there’s no pressure to be on perfect speaking terms with the rules of grammar. Your child can learn to use their voices to perform skits, act out different characters, or even sing songs. These activities will allow them to flex their creative muscles and express themselves to others.