Viv’s Schoolhouse Excursions: A Creative Way to Learn

Viv’s Schoolhouse Excursions: A Creative Way to Learn

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Viv’s Schoolhouse Excursions: A Creative Way to Learn

School excursions are trips that students take outside of school for educational purposes. They can include field trips to museums, historical landmarks, or other places of educational interest. As an international preschool in Singapore, Viv’s Schoolhouse ensures that taking students out of the classroom is prioritised as children need to learn in a creative learning environment. Let’s look at some of the best places we took our students to in the past few months and discover the benefits of learning outside the classroom!

What Are the Standard Benefits of Excursions?

  • Students learn about their local community and history
  • Students learn about other cultures and places around the world
  • Students develop teamwork skills.

What Are the Emotional Benefits of Excursions?

  • Students feel excited and privileged to be able to go on a school excursion
  • Students feel proud of themselves when they accomplish something challenging, like learning about a new culture.

Viv’s Schoolhouse Excursions 2022

July Field Trip

In July, our students got to experience a unique learning adventure and got up close to nature.

The students were brought on a guided farm tour at Kin Yin Farm to learn about wheatgrass, pea sprouts, mushroom, cactus, and aloe vera cultivation. They then got to experience harvesting and cooking wheatgrass and mushrooms. They also peeled and prepared aloe vera for consumption. Moreover, as a reward for their time at the farm, they got to take some of their harvests back to school.

Everyone had a great time learning about farming and harvesting crops on their field trip at Kin Yan Farm, where budding scientists showed how different edible crops are grown. This educational experience will be remembered for years to come! Additionally, bringing back something they had created will remind them and reinforce what they have learnt during this excursion.

August Field Trip

In August, our students went on a field trip to Werms Inc. to learn about sustainability and food waste reduction. They had a chance to see an insect farm, learnt how to collect earthworms for vermicomposting and observe how worms are fed. Additionally, they gained more knowledge about vermicomposting, which uses earthworms to convert organic waste into fertiliser.

September Field Trip

The students were brought on a guided farm tour at Bollywood Farms in September. They learnt about plants & their uses and got to smell and taste different vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and medicinal plants. They also learnt about sustainable and planet-friendly farming methods. Later in the day, they got to pot their plants in an activity called “Pot-A-Plant”, where they got to bring their plants home with them! The students even got to munch on freshly baked banana bread and hot chocolate during this field trip!

October Field Trip

In October, our students explored the six stations at Jewel Changi Airport: Tropical Rainforest, Animals, Plant Cycle, Water Cycle, Solar System and Food Web Chain. They had a great time discovering more about these vital topics surrounding our world. For example, they learnt how water moves within Earth and the atmosphere at the Water Cycle station. They explored and studied the beautiful cycle of how plants grow and the different types of inhabitants commonly found in rainforests. They also had an out-of-the-world experience at the Solar System station, where they learned about each planet’s different characteristics.

November Field Trip

Pottery isn’t just for adults! For November’s field trip, our preschoolers visited the Dragon Kiln, where they were taught two different methods of pottery: the potter’s wheel and hand building. They even got to try out pottery-making themselves, making it a hands-on and memorable experience. From making slab work to spinning the potter’s wheel, they each made a masterpiece they got to bring home just in time for Christmas gifting!

Upcoming field trip

In December, the students will be brought to visit the Air Force Museum. They will learn how Singapore’s Air Force has grown from its modest beginnings to the integrated, operationally ready force it is today. They will also explore the air platforms and land-based systems used to defend Singapore’s airspace. In addition, the students will learn about Singapore’s wide range of peacetime and security missions. Moreover, they will experience an exciting up-close look at fighter jets, missiles, and anti-aircraft systems.


These field trips provide an excellent opportunity for our students to learn more about the world around them creatively. At Viv’s Schoolhouse, we provide Bilingual Immersion, Experiential Learning, and Speech and Drama classes. These classes will teach them how to express themselves clearly and effectively, which can be helpful in all areas of life. Our classes are designed to be fun and engaging, so your child will enjoy learning new skills. We offer classes for kids of all ages, so there’s something for everyone. Register your child today!