The Greatest Benefits of Outdoor Play for Young Children

The Greatest Benefits of Outdoor Play for Young Children

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The Greatest Benefits of Outdoor Play for Young Children

Speech and drama for preschoolers in Singapore are well known for their ability to help children improve their language, social, and emotional skills. Outdoor play is an excellent supplement to these programmes and can provide additional benefits to their development, especially in this digital age. In this post, let’s look at some of the key advantages of outdoor play for young children.

1. Sharpen their senses

Children are naturally curious and eager to learn about the world around them. As such, outdoor play provides an opportunity for them to engage all of their senses, which helps them sharpen their senses and develop new skills.

When children play outside, they are exposed to various textures, sounds, smells, and sights. They may feel the cool breeze on their skin, hear birds chirping, smell the flowers in the garden, and notice the colours and shapes of leaves and flowers. This sensory experience teaches them about their surroundings while stimulating their innate curiosity and creativity.

2. Encourages creativity and imagination

Unlike indoor play, outdoor play provides a wide variety of sensory experiences and allows children to freely explore their environment. For example, they can use natural materials such as sticks, rocks, and leaves to build structures or create art. They may also engage in imaginative play, such as pretending to be explorers or pirates on a treasure hunt.

When children have the freedom to explore and create in an outdoor setting, they are able to expand their imaginations and come up with new ideas. This form of play can also instil a love of nature in children and inspire them to care for the environment, such as the importance of recycling.

3. Enhances problem-solving and risk-taking skills

Outdoor play provides a space for children to experiment with problem-solving and risk-taking. For example, when kids climb a tree or balance on a log, they use critical thinking skills to evaluate risks and make decisions. This form of play also provides opportunities for children to learn about their limitations and develop resilience when facing challenges.

4. Promote social interaction

When children play together outside, they have the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and negotiate with one another. They learn to take turns, share, and compromise, which are essential skills for building positive relationships.

Outdoor play also encourages children to engage in imaginative play, which often involves role-playing and pretending. This form of play helps them to develop empathy as they begin to understand and identify with the perspectives of others.

5. Improves physical health

As children run, jump, and play outside, they are indulging in physical activity that strengthens their muscles, improves their coordination, and builds endurance. This exercise helps them develop their gross motor skills, which are essential for navigating their environment, participating in sports, and engaging in other physical activities.

Furthermore, spending time outside exposes children to sunlight, which provides them with much-needed vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to build strong bones and boosts the immune system, which is essential for illness prevention.


Outdoor play provides numerous physical, social, and emotional benefits for young children and is essential for their early childhood development. By encouraging them and providing opportunities for children to explore and play outside, parents and teachers can help them develop the skills they need to lead happy and healthy lives.

At Viv’s Schoolhouse, we believe that outdoor play is a critical component of a well-rounded and holistic preschool education. It provides children with a wide range of benefits essential to their physical, social, and emotional development. Combined with our immersive programmes like speech and drama and bilingual curriculum for preschoolers in Singapore, outdoor play can create a unique and powerful learning experience for young children.

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