4 Things to Consider When Finding an International Preschool

4 Things to Consider When Finding an International Preschool

4 Things to Consider When Finding an International Preschool

International preschools in Singapore are growing more prevalent as families become more aware of the value of early education that addresses a child’s individual needs. Parents who want their kids to attend an international preschool need to look for certain characteristics and features when choosing the one right for them.

An ideal school will not only teach your child some foreign language and culture, but also help them develop essential skills such as communication, social interaction, and problem-solving. To find the perfect international school for your child, you must first understand what makes one great. Here are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing a school.

1. The Importance of Bilingual Education

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want your child to learn a language other than the one they are already fluent in. While learning a second native language can be valuable, it’s essential to recognise that there are numerous other benefits of international preschools as well.

Learning a second language can help your child develop new cognitive skills, allowing them to see the world through a different lens. It can expose them to new cultural experiences and allow them to make friends with children from diverse backgrounds. All these things can be just as meaningful and valuable as learning a second language. Consider what you want your child to gain from the experience when choosing a preschool.

2. Location and Facilities

The preschool’s location is significant, particularly if you plan to use it as a daycare. If location is not a big issue for you, consider the advantages of a central location. It will allow your child to interact with other children from different backgrounds and cultures.

The preschool should ideally be in a safe and secure neighbourhood with easy access to transportation. The school’s location should also be easily accessible to parents who need to drop off and pick up their children.

Your child will spend several hours each day in this building. Therefore, the preschool should be clean and safe. It should also provide a safe environment for your child to explore new hobbies and interests in a group setting, as well as a place for them to make friends.

3. Language Immersion and Curriculum

Though some preschools only teach English, most also offer another language, such as Spanish or Mandarin. Keep in mind that not all preschools are created equal. Some are designed to teach a specific curriculum that may or may not be tailored to your child’s needs. Others are more open-ended, allowing kids to pursue their interests.

Consider what you hope your child will get out of preschool and look for a school that satisfies those needs. The preschool curriculum should focus on three essential subjects: language, literacy, and social-emotional skills.

Language immersion is vital in an international preschool. Preschoolers are naturally curious and eager to speak, making them ideal candidates for learning a foreign language. Furthermore, listening and speaking are two of the five processes of language learning. A good preschool will help your child master these two skills in the language of their choice.

4. Teacher Qualification and Class Size

Most preschools mandate that teachers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in early childhood education, or at the very least, a degree in the subject they will be teaching. Additionally, most preschools will require a teaching resume chock full of credentials and recent references.

Look for a preschool that has industry experience and a staff of highly experienced teachers. The professionalism of the staff is indicative of the calibre of the education your child will receive. Making sure your child receives the attention they require is equally vital.

A good preschool will have a low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing each child to receive adequate one-on-one time with their teacher. The class size should also be sufficiently big enough to encourage social interaction and teamwork, but not so huge that students feel lost in the crowd.


An international preschool can provide your child with a unique and enriching educational experience. By interacting with other children, your child will learn to appreciate other cultures and diversity, as well as develop the social skills they need to interact with people from different backgrounds.

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