3 Reasons to Enrol Your Child in an International Preschool

3 Reasons to Enrol Your Child in an International Preschool

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3 Reasons to Enrol Your Child in an International Preschool

Today’s global economy is forcing more and more parents to make tough decisions about their children’s future prospects. In the past, parents almost exclusively focused on primary school education and often shielded their children from anything that might be considered “adversity” or unfair circumstances until they were old enough to be fully equipped to handle adult life.

Nowadays, however, parents are beginning to realise that some experiences can only be gained by being exposed to them at a young age. An international preschool may provide your child with the experience you seek. Here are 3 reasons why your child should attend an international preschool:

1. Cultural Immersion

You may be surprised to learn that the world now has over 6,000 cultural groups and that students are only partially exposed to their native culture in school. When you enrol your child in an international preschool in Singapore, they will be immersed in a culture that’s distinct from their own – a culture that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Immersion in another culture will teach your child tolerance and respect for diverse ways of life and provide a source of enrichment that cannot be gained from a single course in cultural studies. You will be surprised at how much more engaging your child’s future travels will be due to early exposure to different cultures.

2. Development of Language Skills

Many parents worry about enrolling their children in a multilingual preschool. However, there are many benefits to doing so. Learning a language at a young age, in particular, can help your child retain that language throughout their life. Moreover, they will likely grow more fluent in a second language the earlier it’s introduced to them.

Children who are exposed to a second language at a young age also have an easier time learning other languages later in life, even if they don’t continue practising it. Because your child is still developing linguistic abilities, they’re better equipped to absorb and fully integrate a new language. They’re also more open to new experiences and are less likely to drop out due to social pressures.

In fact, many preschools are offering language classes as part of their curriculum. It’s also generally recommended that parents introduce foreign languages to their children as early as infancy. Doing so not only promotes cognitive development but also allows them to improve and fully integrate a new language into their linguistic talents.

3. Development of Critical-Thinking Skills

As children grow and mature, they will begin to recognise that not everything in life is easily explained. When they’re constantly shielded from obstacles, they will not get the opportunity to develop and fully integrate their critical-thinking skills into their growing personalities.

Children learn by observing and imitating the actions of their parents and teachers. However, they lack the maturity and judgment to know what to do with the knowledge they’re exposed to at such a young age. Thus, parents are responsible for regulating the information that’s fed to their children by choosing an appropriate preschool environment.

If your child is attending a multilingual preschool in an area with a diverse population, they can observe a wide range of languages being used in everyday situations. An international preschool also exposes your child to a broad mix of peers and teachers who will introduce them to new problem-solving abilities. When your child is immersed in a group of peers from various cultures and backgrounds, they will be able to observe many problem resolution techniques. The earlier your child is exposed to challenges, the more likely they will think outside the box when confronted with complex circumstances later in life.


The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and understanding the reasons for this change is the first step toward keeping up with it. Sending your child to an international preschool will help them better grasp the world around them. It will also prepare them for the challenges that await them in their adolescence and adulthood.

No child can thrive growing up in a bubble in today’s interconnected world. If you want your child to succeed, expose them to challenges and diverse cultures as early as possible. A quality international preschool is the best place to begin this process.

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