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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to be fun and interactive. We strive to develop our children’s passions, and empower them with the confidence and skills to overcome challenges.

Aesthetic and Creative Expression

We create an environment that motivates your child to express freely and innovatively. With the belief that your children can be visionaries, we include activities that allow children to express their emotions and thoughts through art, music, and movement.

Discovery of the World / Cultural Studies

We encourage your child to embrace a sense of wonder and a curious mind about their environment and their world, facilitating your child’s learning by engaging them in different experiments and hands-on experiences. Here, kids learn to appreciate the intricacies of the world and be responsible global citizens.

Language and Literacy

We apply an integrated approach to teaching, and often incorporate activities such as story-telling, art-and-craft, music-and-movement, and creative play in our language lessons to captivate the interests and attention of your child.

Numeracy / Mathematical Development

Our numeracy curriculum begins with a strong foundation in understanding the following simple relationships and patterns: matching, sorting, comparing, ordering, and patterning.

Social and Emotional Development

Throughout your child’s school days, our teachers use positive affirmation to encourage good behaviour. We also practice turn-taking, sharing, and good manners in and every aspect of our classes. Your child will even be involved in community service.

Motor Skills

At different age groups, your child will progress through various physical development milestones. We have designed rigorous exercises and activities to train your child to be adept in both fine as well as gross motor skills.

Sensorial Development

The use of all 5 senses helps to strengthen children’s neural pathways, strengthening their memory and anchoring their learning experiences more deeply. This helps to sharpen your child’s focus and attention towards tasks and helps develop a stronger awareness towards variations in the environment.

iTEACH framework

We adopt the iTeach framework in the way we teach and learn: I - Integrated approach to learning, T - Teachers as facilitators of learning, E - Engaging children in learning through purposeful play, A - Authentic learning through quality interactions, C - Children as constructors of knowledge, H - Holistic development.

Individualized Lesson Plans

With our low teacher-to-child ratio, we are also able to monitor each child’s progress closely and identify notable strengths as well as areas for improvement. At least once a week, we construct individualized lesson plans for children to better develop their interests, and to help overcome each child’s challenges with greater ease. This is in line with our belief that every child learns at his or her own pace.

An example of such customized lessons is the teaching of Math to an artistically-inclined child who displays little interest in the subject. To pique his or her interest, we will teach numeracy using art as a medium during these individualized lessons.