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Holistic Approach

At Viv’s Schoolhouse, we educate via a three-pronged approach to ensure that our kids grow up to be well-rounded, passionate individuals with strong moral character.

Character Development

Our focus is on compassion, resilience, and grace. We believe that these qualities are integral towards building a more cohesive and accepting society. Your children’s success stories will go beyond just paper achievements alone; your children will touch the lives of those around them with their giving hearts.

They will be trusted leaders of tomorrow.

Family First

As parents, you play the key roles in your children’s lives. Not just in their early years, but for their entire lives. We recognise that, and would like to help you out wherever we can. Our team of experienced and highly trained professionals are always there to offer you support – in and out of the classroom.

We will be there with you through your children’s formative years.

Academic Excellence

Our rigorous curriculum helps to lay a solid foundation for formal school. Not only do our lessons cover a wide range of learning domains, they are also designed to be fun, interactive and stimulating. We place a very strong emphasis on the cultivation of your children’s love for learning.

Your children’s passion for the pursuit of knowledge will be our constant focus.